Women in Parliament

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5 seeks the achievement of "women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic, and public life". One of the indicators used to track the progress for this goal is the proportion of women in national parliaments. In this visual, I look at the top 10 countries where this number is the highest.

August 1, 2020
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The Process

With this project, I learned the most not from the design process itself, but rather from the research I did. I wanted to include lots of context to explain the percentages visualised, so I read up on the political situation in each of these countries and the women's role in them. It showed me how—regardless of the power of visualisation—context is key. For example, who would have guessed that Rwanda is #1 not because their political system is extremely inclusive, but because there were more women than men in the country after the Genocide. I thus made sure to include these crucial details in each small multiple. To explore the interactive version of the visual, visit this page.

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