Website Images for eSF

I'd been working with eSolutionsFirst for a couple of months—training their team on data visualisation—when they decided to revamp their website. With this decision came an unusual request for me—to design a few visually-focused images for the site. You can see some of them here.

December 31, 2020
Tools used
Figma Design
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The Process

The design process for this project was slightly unusual. Normally, when creating data visualisations, my starting point would be the data itself. In this case, the data didn't matter; it only existed for illustrative purposes. That gave me much more flexibility than usual, as I could focus purely on design. And that was quite a bit of fun! I started out by creating three standalone dashboards: two for the financial and healthcare sectors (core areas of activity of eSF's clients), and one fun dashboard. I then played around with both the entire dashboards and some of their separate components to create beautiful cover images and widgets. You can view them in the what we do section on eSF's website. Do note that, at the time of writing, their website was still being finalised, hence subject to change.

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