Resettled Refugees

This visualisation was created for a recent Viz for Social Good project, in cooperation with Kiron Education. It illustrates the flow of refugees resettled by the UNHCR: where they come from, where they seek asylum and where they end up finding a new home.

July 1, 2020
Tools used
RawGraphs, Figma
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The Process

While this final version looks clean and polished, it did take me several days to get it right. I had the idea for the layout early on but I struggled with the choice of colour. I needed two colours, one for each step in the Sankey diagram. I tried dozens of variations, many of which looked terrible. I had a breakthrough when I showed this to the head of design at work (thanks Mike!). He suggested I use analogous colours that do not both scream for attention. That was exactly what I needed! Two colours that were different enough to be seen as separate but similar enough to create a harmonious ensemble. To see the different colour iterations of this project, you can read this blog post.

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