Hope for Girls in Tanzania

This visualisation shines the light on a difficult yet extremely important topic—female genital mutilation (FGM). It tells the story of Hope for Girls and Women, which is a nonprofit in Tanzania that runs safe houses for FGM victims.

June 1, 2020
Tools used
RawGraphs, Figma
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The Process

This project was a little bit of a challenge due to the nature of the topic. First off, I wanted to raise awareness without putting people off. It's not easy to think about female genital mutilation, hence I wanted to ease the reader into the topic. I titled the visualisation "hope", rather than FGM, to focus on the solution, not the issue. Another design choice I made was not to use any colour apart from black and white. Instead, to highlight key aspects in the data, I added a hatched pattern to the bars (using an awesome Figma plug-in called Hero Patterns).

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