5G in France

Lemon 🍋 hired Maxime Baux and me to help them visualise 5G deployment in France. The result was a series of interactive visualisations, including the one below. You can view them all on the client's Tableau Public page.

May 24, 2021
Tools used
Tableau, Affinity Designer
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The Process

For this project, Maxime was in charge of gathering and modelling the open data on the current state of 5G in France. My role was to design the visualisations and infographics. The client wanted the result to be interactive and embeddable, hence we had agreed from the start that the visuals would end up on Tableau Public. The biggest challenge was to create high-quality custom designs that would both be aligned with the clients brand and still work in an interactive fashion. To work around Tableau's lack of customisation, I created the basis for the designs—map outline, annotations, headers, text and more—in Affinity designer. Maxime then imported them as images in Tableau, and added and interactive data layer on top. After many iterations and some compromises—especially on image quality for the legends—we ended up with the final result you can see here.

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